Friday, 19 January 2018

Going Forward

Since Batoto's closure anouncement, I'll be posting to it's succesor,

The site is fairly new and thus barebones at the moment, but the site's creator is fairly reputable in the community from Doki Fansubs, who said they'll implement new features in the future (so make any suggestions or report any bugs to them on their subreddit, or this one(comment will likely be burried), email, or  better yet discord channel.

Update: mangadex link is updated to match Batoto's manga index ID, so what was /308, is now /20309.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

2018 New Year's ramblings + Chapter 8

Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru, Chapter 8

Hope everyone had good holidays. Because mine was a maelstrom of suffering. Read below for some rambling:
- Home heater just had to break down and need replacing in middle of freaking winter due to extreme cold DURING THE HOLIDAY BREAK; freezing my butt off for over a whole week until it got replaced, and setting me back a few G,
- As a result of house freezing, pipes completely froze, thus had no running water, forced to use bottled water for daily tasks. Myself, feeling like a villager bracing/enduring the harsh winter trying to survive,
- A new job I really wanted was given to someone else,
- Got a letter from the tax man saying they revised 2016 years taxes and said I owed them money due to the discrepency that they themselves made in "error" (yet again, for the 4th time in 1 year). Fuck my gov't legal robbery, their incompetence, and wasteful spending.
- Hard drive is almost full and in the red (I've only got one 1TB for system and storage, so could really use a new hard drive),
- And to top it all off, visiting distant family members (that I've never met in my life) drank the last of my most expensive of coffee (that my parents who went to South America brought back during their vacation) before all of the above went down. 

It's like Jesus looked at me, turned to God and said "See that guy? Yeah, Fuck that guy."

The only good thing that came out of this was my PC still working at all. That, and that I could forget about all of the above while enjoying doing this chapter. Y'know...Silver lining. Bright side of mistakes, just happy little trees. Nope, not working...still freezing my butt off and totally filthy because no running water. FML. I've totally taken simple hand-washing under running water for granted.

 Listening to stand-up comedians on Youtube in the background while working has been getting me through this with laughing instead of crying.

Anyways, I've rambled on long enough. Hope you all enjoy the new chapter as much as I did working on it. Next release will likely during mid to late Jan....if shit stops being flung in my general direction long enough. Final revisions will eventually be collected in a single batch volume, so for those who want download all at once can do so when it comes out.

DL Link: Here
Read Online

About 4 hours I post this, and then this happens:
Batoto is closing down because the owner is tired, and most likely too emotionally worn out to make rational dicisions (such as selling the site, or giving it away to a new owner to take over operations), instead opting to completely kill his creation like it's Frankenstein's monster. I sympathize with his plight, but it still fucks over the whole community as a whole, as it's the only place that respected the wishes of scanlation groups, (giving credit, linking to their site, adhering to timed-delays, allowing them to post and edit chapters personally, letting users edit pages, add chapters....the list goes on of good things they do that other aggregator sites simply don't) and respecting publishers wishes as well when asked to take down licensed titles.

So until the victor is decided in the inevitable war for supremecy when other clones try to take Batoto's place (like vs Nyaa pantsu), there will likely be dead links to [Read Online] on my site until that's sorted out. I'd recommend bookmarking, and backing up what you can now.

P.S. This incident reminded me of something: google's ability to delete blogsites without warning. Due to the nature of scanlations, if that ever happens to this blog, then I'd recommend joining my discord channel at to know where this series' translation project is going or what I'm up to.

Update 2: Mangadex is my new home.